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Body Painting

Private photoshoots, Sport Event/Entertainment, Grand Openings, Host or Serviers for Special Adult Events, Girls Night Out, Bridal Parties

So you're thinking outside of the box FINALLY! LOL!!  Well, that's just how it should be done. Body Painting is a bold move which will leave you or your guest feeling empowered with loads of self confidence.

Transform into your Favorite Animal or into your Favorite Sports Team. etc. Use your Imagination,
Body Painting is an excellent gift for your significant other orrrrr perfect for Facebook and Instagram likes. The choice is yours.

Body Painting starts at $25 - $1000
Quickie - Tank Top - Torso - Half Body - Full Body (Front or Front and Back)

    *Bring your own pasties, Thongs or panties.
    *example of price chart is found in the body painting gallery.

******Being Body Painted can be a long process and will require Patience. This is not a rushed job. Quality and good taste is put first.

Price will vary which depends or design and amount of details added.